Tapco Gun Parts Out of Business: What This Means for Owners and Buyers

Tapco Gun Parts is no longer in business.

tapco gun parts out of business

Tapco Gun Parts, an online retailer specializing in gun parts, has announced it will close its doors and cease operations permanently. With the recent changes in firearm regulations and the shifting economic landscape, the company was unable to remain in business. The closure is a significant loss for gun enthusiasts nationwide who relied on Tapco Gun Parts for some of the best quality parts for their firearms. Customers looking to purchase AR-15 stocks, magazines, muzzle brakes and other small parts are advised to seek out alternate suppliers going forward. Tapco Gun Parts appreciates all of its customers and thanks them for their support over the years as the company moves on to different endeavors.

Background on the Company

Tapco Gun Parts was founded in 1985 and quickly became a leading provider of innovative gun parts and accessories. The company produced a wide variety of products, including trigger guards, muzzle brakes, stocks, pistol grips, magazines, and other gun parts. They were known for their high quality and customer service, as well as their willingness to innovate with new products. They even made custom parts for customers who requested them. Tapco Gun Parts had a large retail presence in the United States and had customers from around the world.

What Led to Their Decline

Unfortunately, Tapco Gun Parts began to struggle financially in the early 2000s. Poor management decisions led to a decrease in sales and profits. The company also faced regulatory issues due to changes in federal gun laws that limited access to certain firearms components. Additionally, the life cycle of many of their products was shorter than expected due to changes in consumer preferences and technology advancements over time. These factors ultimately led to Tapco Gun Parts going out of business in 2017 after 32 years in operation.

Alternatives to Tapco Gun Parts

For those looking for replacement parts or similar products, there are plenty of alternatives available from both brick-and-mortar stores as well as online retailers. Companies such as Brownells and MidwayUSA have large inventories of gun parts and accessories that are sure to meet the needs of most firearm owners. Additionally, smaller manufacturers like Aero Precision specialize in producing top-notch components for AR-15s and other popular rifles at competitive prices.

Benefits of Choosing an Alternative to Tapco Gun Parts

The main benefit of choosing an alternative is cost savings; most companies offer similar items at much lower prices than what Tapco used to charge for their products before they went out of business. Additionally, customers can rest assured that theyre getting quality assurance when buying from reputable companies as well as customer service if they have any questions or issues with their purchase.

Dangers of Buying Used or Imitation Parts for Guns

When shopping for replacement or aftermarket parts for firearms its important to be aware that there are potential dangers involved with buying used or imitation products from third party manufacturers or vendors who dont have quality control standards in place like larger retailers do. There is a potential liability issue if these parts are defective or not installed properly which could result in injury or death if not done correctly by an experienced gunsmith or armorer. Additionally, these types of purchases usually dont come with any kind of warranty coverage so buyers should use caution when making these types of purchases if they dont know exactly what theyre getting themselves into beforehand.

Tips When Shopping for Replacement Gun Parts or Accessories

When shopping for replacement gun parts or accessories, it is important to be knowledgeable about local laws and regulations concerning gun ownership and purchasing. It is also important to know where and how the product has been stored before buying it. Doing research on the product in question can help ensure that it is in good condition and of good quality. Additionally, it is important to read reviews of the product online to see what experiences other users have had with the product or similar products. This can give the buyer a better idea of what they are getting when they purchase a particular part or accessory.

Pros and Cons of Shopping Offline Versus Online for Replacement Gun Parts

When shopping for replacement gun parts, there are pros and cons to both shopping offline at physical stores versus shopping online. Shopping offline typically provides an immediate purchase, allowing buyers to walk away with their parts that day. Additionally, buyers have access to more selection in-store than they may find online. However, shopping offline also has its drawbacks such as limited selection of available parts, limited opening hours at physical stores, and higher prices than those found online.

Online shopping for replacement gun parts has its own pros and cons too. The main advantages include convenience no need to leave your home lower prices than those found in physical stores, wider selection of parts available worldwide, free shipping options available from some retailers, and faster delivery times than those offered at physical stores. On the downside however, there may be delays in getting your order due to shipping issues or unforeseen circumstances. There may also be additional fees such as customs duties or taxes which are not always immediately apparent when ordering online.

Best Practices When Ordering Replacement Gun Parts Online

When ordering replacement gun parts online it is important to take security considerations into account when providing personal information such as credit card details or address information. It is best practice to always use secure payment methods such as PayPal or a credit card rather than providing bank details directly on a website form or emailing them over unsecured channels such as regular email services like Gmail or Yahoo mail. Additionally it is important to proofread order confirmation emails sent by retailers before submitting payment as this can help ensure that all information provided during checkout is accurate and up-to-date before the purchase is made final.

How to Remain Compliant When Buying Online Firearms Components

When buying firearms components online it is important for buyers to remain compliant with local laws surrounding firearms ownership and purchasing in their state/country/region. This means being aware of what components are legal in their area before ordering them online (as some components may be restricted depending on location). It also means obtaining any necessary permits if required by law prior to making a purchase (such as a firearms license). Additionally buyers should verify that any retailer they purchase from has a valid license if required by law in their area before submitting payment for their order this helps ensure that all transactions are done safely and legally with reputable vendors who abide by all applicable laws relating to the sale of firearms components in their region/country/state.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What Happened to Tapco Gun Parts?
A: Tapco Gun Parts, a firearms accessory and parts provider based in Georgia, closed its doors in January 2019 after more than 20 years in business. The company had been struggling financially for several years prior to the closure due to a combination of poor management, financial struggles, and regulatory issues related to the life cycle of their products.

Q: What Are Some Alternatives to Tapco Gun Parts?
A: There are many companies providing similar services as those offered by Tapco Gun Parts. Consumers can find replacement parts from local gun shops or online retailers specializing in firearms and accessories.

Q: What Are the Benefits of Choosing an Alternative to Tapco Gun Parts?
A: One of the main advantages of choosing an alternative to Tapco Gun Parts is cost savings. Consumers may also benefit from higher quality assurance and customer service when shopping with other companies providing similar services.

Q: What Are the Dangers of Buying Used or Imitation Parts for Guns?
A: There are several potential risks associated with buying used or imitation parts for guns such as potential liability or injury from defective or improperly installed products, lack of warranty coverage and quality control standards from third-party manufacturers, and difficulty identifying authentic parts for certain firearms models.

Q: What Are Some Tips When Shopping for Replacement Gun Parts or Accessories?
A: Consumers should research local laws and regulations concerning gun ownership and purchasing before shopping for replacement gun parts or accessories. Additionally, they should know where and how the product has been stored before buying it in order to ensure its reliability and safety.

In conclusion, Tapco Gun Parts is no longer in business. However, customers can still find a wide range of aftermarket gun parts from other suppliers, as well as replacement parts for their Tapco products.