Should You Buy Call of Duty on Steam or BattleNet? A Guide to Choosing the Right Platform

It depends on what platform you plan to play the game on; Steam is for PC, while BattleNet is for Mac and PC.

should i buy call of duty on steam or battlenet

If you’re wondering whether to purchase Call of Duty on Steam or, both services offer a variety of great features when purchasing the game. Steam offers access to the vast library of games, and has the benefit of being able to share gaming libraries with your Xbox Live and friends an option not available with With Steam, gamers can enjoy powerful community features, such as instant messaging and trading cards. boasts a more user-friendly interface than Steam, while its description page provides detailed information on game updates and other benefits something Steam is lagging behind in. Additionally, provides better customer support compared to other digital platforms such as Steam. Ultimately, your choice between these two gaming services boils down to what kind of features are important to you as a gamer.

Origin vs Steam – Pros and Cons

When considering whether to buy Call of Duty on Steam or, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. Origin is a digital distribution platform created by Electronic Arts (EA) which allows users to purchase digital copies of games such as Call of Duty and other EA titles. Origin offers a variety of features such as automatic game updates, cloud storage, and an integrated chat feature for playing with friends. One benefit of Origin is that it has a wide selection of games available for purchase, including many older titles that may not be available on other services. Another advantage of Origin is that it is compatible with both PC and Mac systems.

In terms of pricing, Origin may be slightly more expensive than Steam in some cases, however the selection of titles available on the platform make this a minor drawback when compared to the benefits offered by Origin.

Steam is another popular digital distribution platform which was created by Valve Corporation in 2003. Steam offers a wide selection of games from various publishers, including EA and Activision Blizzard, which makes it an ideal choice for gamers who are looking for access to a large library of titles. In addition to its large selection, Steam also offers competitive pricing on its games as well as frequent sales which can help save money in the long run.

One downside to using Steam is that it does not offer the same level of customer support that Origin does, meaning that if you have any problems or issues with your purchase you may not be able to get help as quickly or easily as you would with Origin. Additionally, some older titles may not be compatible with Steam due to their age and lack of updates from developers.

Battlenet Pros and Cons is the official gaming platform from Activision Blizzard which was launched back in 1996. It provides users with access to popular games such as Call Of Duty and Overwatch along with various other titles from Activision Blizzards catalog. also includes features such as matchmaking services for multiplayer games along with integrated chat functions for communicating with friends while playing online.

The main advantage offered by BattleNet compared to other platforms such as Steam or Origin is its focus on providing an immersive experience tailored specifically towards Blizzards properties such as Call Of Duty and Overwatch; this means that players can expect more out-of-the-box features designed specifically for these franchises than they would find elsewhere. In addition, BattleNet also has more robust customer service options than either Steam or Origin so if any issues arise they can often be resolved quickly and efficiently without having to worry about waiting times or lengthy customer service processes like some other services offer.

The main disadvantage associated with BattleNet is its relatively limited selection when compared to platforms like Steam; while there are still plenty of great titles available on BattleNet it simply doesnt have quite the same breadth or depth when compared to what youll find on Steam or even Origin in some cases. Additionally, since BattleNet only deals exclusively in Activision Blizzard titles there are some popular franchises that arent available at all; if you want access to those types of games then you will need an alternative service like Steam or Origin instead.

Important Considerations

When deciding whether to purchase Call Of Duty on either Steam or BattleNet there are several important considerations that should be taken into account before making your decision:

Platform Compatibility: Both platforms offer support for PC systems but only one offers support for Mac systems; if you own a Mac then this will limit your options significantly so keep this in mind when making your decision otherwise you could end up purchasing something that wont work properly on your system!

Accessibility Options: Both platforms offer varying levels of accessibility depending upon what type of game controller you are using so make sure you check each platforms compatibility list before making any purchases; if possible try out both controllers before making your final decision so that you know exactly what type of experience each one provides before spending any money!

Multiplayer Experience

Another important factor when considering whether to buy Call Of Duty on either Steam or BattleNet is the quality of the multiplayer experience offered by each service; both platforms offer a variety servers running various game modes but only one has dedicated servers specifically designed for competitive play:

Multiplayer Servers: On both platforms players will find plenty of servers running different game modes but only one has dedicated servers specifically designed for competitive play: while both services provide access to public servers these are often less reliable than those found through dedicated hosting solutions provided by companies like GameServers who specialize in providing high quality server solutions tailored towards gaming communities; this means that if your primary focus lies within competitive play then opting for one over the other could have a major impact upon your overall experience!

Quality Of Players / Community: Both services provide access to large player bases but ultimately how enjoyable those player bases are depends largely upon how well they interact with one another; while larger populations tend to mean more potential opponents they can also lead towards increased toxicity amongst players so make sure you read up reviews & community feedback about each service before committing yourself too deeply!

Security Of Platforms

Finally it’s always important consider how secure each platform is when making any digital purchases online; unfortunately neither service offers particularly robust security measures compared against industry standards but there are still certain features worth noting:

Account Safety Features: Both services offer basic account safety measures such as two-factor authentication & secure passwords however these measures should never replace common sense precautions taken by users themselves; unfortunately neither service offers particularly robust security measures compared against industry standards so extra caution should always be taken whenever sharing personal details online regardless!

Payment Gateway Protection: Each platform uses different payment gateways meaning users must take extra care when entering their credit card information into either service; fortunately most payment gateways employ modern encryption methods meaning customers data remains secure even during transmission over insecure networks however customers should always double check their statements after completing purchases just incase anything untoward occurs!

Additional Content / Ownership Rights

When it comes to buying Call of Duty on Steam or Battlenet, it is important to consider the additional content and ownership rights that are associated with each platform. On Steam, gamers can purchase downloadable content options, such as custom skins, maps and weapons. These purchases are nonrefundable and leave ownership rights after uninstallation. On the other hand, Battlenet offers more flexibility when it comes to ownership rights after uninstallation. In addition, many gamers who choose to play on Battlenet also have access to exclusive content that is not available on Steam.

Need for System Requirements

In order to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience while playing Call of Duty on either Steam or Battlenet, gamers should take into account the system specifications required for gameplay. While both platforms offer a wide range of games and features, there may be unique requirements necessary in order to play with friends or other players online. By looking at the system requirements before committing to a purchase on either platform, gamers can ensure they have the right setup for optimal performance.

Reputation of Publishers

The reputation of both the game developer (Activision) as well as the game publishers (Steam and Battlenet) is an important factor to consider when deciding which platform to purchase Call of Duty from. As one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world, Activision has earned a reputation for producing quality games that remain true to their source material. Similarly, Steam and Battlenet have also earned reputations as reliable platforms for purchasing games online with minimal risk of scams or frauds associated with them.

Reviews from Other Players

When making a decision about which platform to buy Call of Duty from – Steam or Battlenet – reviews from other players can be invaluable sources of information about each platform’s performance and customer service levels. Reading through both positive and negative reviews can help gamers gain insight into what others think about each platform before they make their final decision. It is important, however, that gamers pay attention to trustworthy reviews rather than prejudiced opinions shared by some players who may be biased towards one particular platform over another.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the pros and cons of Origin vs Steam?
A: The main benefit of buying a game through Origin is that it is associated with Electronic Arts (EA) games. This means that buying through Origin allows access to EAs exclusive titles, such as Battlefield, FIFA, and Sims. As for Steam, it has a much larger library of titles available than Origin due to its support for various publishers. Additionally, Steam has more discounts compared to Origin, making it a great option for gamers on a budget.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Battlenet?
A: Battlenet offers several advantages such as cross-platform compatibility between PC and Mac systems, as well as an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, Battlenet offers exclusive updates to Blizzard games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch. The main disadvantage of Battlenet is its lack of support for other publishers’ games outside of Blizzard’s titles.

Q: What are important considerations when deciding between Steam or Battlenet?
A: Platform compatibility and accessibility options should be taken into consideration when deciding between Steam or Battlenet. For example, if one wants to play Call of Duty on both PC and Mac systems then they would need to use Battlenet instead of Steam which does not offer compatibility across multiple platforms. Additionally, the accessibility options should be considered when making this decision as some users may prefer the ease-of-use offered by Battlenet over that offered by Steam.

Q: How does the multiplayer experience differ between Steam and Battlenet?
A: The multiplayer experience on both platforms varies depending on the game or genre in question. In general, both platforms offer reliable servers with minimal lag time. However, players may find that matchmaking times are shorter on Steam due to its larger userbase compared to that of Battlenet which is more specific in terms of the types of games supported. Additionally, players may find that they have more options when it comes to finding opponents in their skill level or preferred genre on Steam due to its large userbase compared to that offered by Battlenet.

Q: What security measures are in place for each platform?
A: Both platforms offer security measures such as account safety features and payment gateway protection. For example, both platforms require two factor authentication when logging into accounts from unfamiliar devices or locations in order to protect users from malicious actors who may attempt to access their accounts without permission. Additionally, payment gateway protection is also available on both platforms where all payments made through either platform are securely processed using encryption technology in order to protect user data from being stolen or misused by third parties.

The decision to buy Call of Duty on Steam or Battlenet ultimately comes down to personal preference. Both platforms offer a variety of features and benefits, so it is important to consider which one best suits your individual needs and gaming preferences. Ultimately, whichever platform you choose, you can be sure that you will have an enjoyable gaming experience.