Unlock the Power of Phantom Brigade’s Best Weapons: A Comprehensive Guide

The best weapons in Phantom Brigade are the Recon MKV GPMG, Spitfire LR and HVAL MILKOR XMGL-6.

phantom brigade best weapons

Phantom Brigade is a tactical, turn-based mech game with an engaging single-player campaign and intense multiplayer battles. Players choose their favorite style of gameplay and customize their preferred weapon loadouts to prepare for an intense fight. With a wide variety of weapons available, selecting the best weapon for the job is key to success. From the rarest and most powerful artifact weapons to reliable all-purpose guns, each weapon comes with its own advantages and disadvantages so picking the right one can provide a strategic edge. With this guide, let us take a look at the best weapons in Phantom Brigade and how you can make the most of them on the battlefield.

Best Weapons in Phantom Brigade

Phantom Brigade is a tactical turn-based game set in a science fiction universe. It features an expansive range of weapons that players can use to create powerful squads and engage in fierce battles. The weapons available range from short-range to long-range, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to choosing the best weapons for Phantom Brigade, its important to consider the damage statistics, upgrade cost analysis, and overall effectiveness of each weapon.

Weapon Types in Phantom Brigade

The two main weapon types found in Phantom Brigade are short-range and long-range weapons. Short-range weapons are generally more powerful when used at close range against enemies, while long-range weapons offer the advantage of attacking from a distance. Long-range weapons are also more likely to hit multiple targets at once, making them ideal for large groups of enemies.

Weapon Stats in Phantom Brigade

When selecting the best weapons for Phantom Brigade, its important to consider the damage statistics and upgrade cost analysis associated with each weapon. Damage statistics will give players an idea of how much damage their chosen weapon can cause when used against enemies. Upgrade cost analysis will show players how much theyll need to spend on upgrades if they want to maximize their chosen weapons effectiveness.

Recommended Weapons in Phantom Brigade

While there are many different types of weapons available for use in Phantom Brigade, some stand out as particularly effective tools for battle. The Warhammer Battlecruiser is an excellent choice for long-range combat thanks to its heavy firepower and ability to attack multiple targets at once. The Claymore Tank Destroyer is another great option for close quarters fighting due to its high damage output and low upgrade costs.

Best Ranged Weapons in Phantom Brigade

Ranged combat is essential when playing Phantom Brigade, so its important to choose the right weapons for the job. Two particularly effective ranged weapons are the Anti-Air Gunner and Missile Launcher. The Anti-Air Gunner is great for taking out airborne threats while the Missile Launcher can be used against both ground and air targets from a safe distance. Both of these powerful ranged weapons will prove invaluable when engaging large groups of enemies or taking out hard targets such as turrets or tanks.

Best Melee Weapons in Phantom Brigade

When it comes to the best melee weapons in Phantom Brigade, the Armored Bulldozer and Dual Submachine Guns are some of the top contenders. The Armored Bulldozer is a heavy-duty weapon designed to be used in close-quarter combat, while the Dual Submachine Guns are perfect for those who prefer a more agile style of fighting. Both weapons can be upgraded with special ammunition and modifications, making them even more effective.

Recommended Upgrades for Weaponry in Phantom Brigade

For those looking to get the most out of their weaponry in Phantom Brigade, there are several upgrades available that can improve their effectiveness. Ammunition Capacity Enhancement is one such upgrade that allows players to carry more rounds of ammo at once, allowing them to stay in the fight longer. Mobility Improvements are also available which can give players an edge when it comes to maneuverability on the battlefield.

Character Specializations and their weapons in Phantom Brigade

In Phantom Brigade, there are three character specializations that each have their own unique set of weapons: Shock Trooper Specialization, Vanguard Heavy Assault Unit, and Recon Pilot Specialization. Each specialization has access to different types of weaponry depending on their role. For example, Shock Troopers have access to heavy weapons such as rocket launchers and machine guns while Recon Pilots have access to lighter weapons such as pistols and rifles.

Quantifying Damage Output of various weapons of Phantom Brigade

The damage output potential of each weapon varies depending on its type and modifications made to it. Generally speaking, heavier weapons such as rocket launchers will deal higher amounts of damage than smaller weapons like pistols or rifles. Armour Piercing Shells provide additional damage bonuses while Weapon Hacking Capabilities allow players to gain access to enemy systems for an even greater damage boost.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the best weapons in Phantom Brigade?
A: The best weapons in Phantom Brigade are the Railgun, Gauss Rifle, and Plasma Cannon. The Railgun is a powerful long-range weapon capable of dealing massive damage, while the Gauss Rifle is effective at mid-range and has a high rate of fire. The Plasma Cannon is a powerful close-range weapon that can decimate large groups of enemies quickly.

Q: What other equipment should I use in Phantom Brigade?
A: In addition to weapons, you should also make sure to equip your mechs with other items like armor, shields, and grenades. Armor can help protect your mechs from damage while shields can absorb attacks. Grenades can be used to deal splash damage or clear out large groups of enemies quickly. Additionally, you should also make sure to equip your mechs with useful tools like Repair Kits and Med Packs for healing injured allies.

Q: How do I get better weapons in Phantom Brigade?
A: You can get better weapons in Phantom Brigade by completing missions and collecting salvage from your fallen enemies. Salvage can be used to craft new or upgrade existing weapons as well as purchase new ones from vendors scattered throughout the world. Additionally, you can also collect blueprints for powerful weapon upgrades which will further increase their effectiveness.

Q: How do I upgrade my weapons in Phantom Brigade?
A: To upgrade your weapons in Phantom Brigade you will need salvage and blueprints. Salvage can be collected from fallen enemies or by completing missions while blueprints are rare items that must be found throughout the world or purchased from vendors. Once you have the necessary materials you will need to visit a Forge where you can craft and upgrade your weapons using these resources.

Q: Are there any special abilities associated with certain weapons in Phantom Brigade?
A: Yes, some of the more powerful weapons in Phantom Brigade have special abilities associated with them such as increased fire rate or damage output over time. These abilities are usually unlocked when certain requirements are met such as completing missions or upgrading the weapon itself. Special abilities can give your mechs a major advantage on the battlefield so its important to take advantage of them whenever possible.

The Phantom Brigade is a powerful and versatile force, and its best weapons depend on the situation. In general, weapons such as the M4A1 Rifle, the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, and the M1014 Shotgun are all excellent choices for engaging enemies in close quarters combat. For longer range engagements, the Mk-48 machine gun and M240B machine gun are reliable choices. Ultimately, it is important to choose weapons that best fit your tactical needs in order to maximize your effectiveness on the battlefield.