5 Tips for Quickly Becoming a Pro at Gang Beasts: How to Get Up Fast

Get up quickly by double tapping the left or right button while in the down position.

How to get up fast in gang beasts

Getting up fast in Gang Beasts can be tricky and intimidating for the uninitiated. However, with a little bit of practice and knowledge of the game mechanics, you’ll soon learn how to get up fast and maximize your offensive potential. To gain an edge in Gang Beasts, you need to know how to effectively dodge and jump out of danger, as well as how to navigate through the often tepid environment of the arena. In this guide, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to get up quickly from any knockdown and dominate your opponents in no time. From understanding basic movement controls to advanced maneuvers such as wall-climbing we cover it all!

Getting Up Quickly

Getting up quickly is an important skill to master in Gang Beasts, as you can often be knocked down during a fight and need to get back up quickly if you want to continue the fight and win. There are several ways to get up quickly, including power moves, punch combos, and using the environment around you.

Power Moves for Getting Up

One of the fastest ways to get up after being knocked down is by using power moves. Power moves are special moves that allow you to use your momentum and body weight to get back up in a single move. Two of the most popular power moves for getting up quickly are flying slaps and headbutts. Flying slaps involve jumping off the ground while slapping your opponent as you fly past them, while headbutts involve thrusting your head forward as you jump off the ground.

Use Punch Combos to Your Advantage

Punch combos can also be used to great effect when trying to get back up quickly from a knockdown. Punch combos involve stringing together several punches in quick succession, allowing you to create openings for yourself and gain an advantage over your opponent. The basics of a punch combo include mixing punches with low kicks or elbows, and making sure that each punch has enough power behind it to keep your opponent off balance. By mastering punch combos, you can create openings in your opponents defense that will make it easier for you to get back up quickly after being knocked down.

Throwing Opponents

Another way of getting back up quickly after being knocked down is by throwing your opponent before they have time to react. This involves grabbing onto your opponent’s body or limbs and then releasing them in a direction that will give you enough time to stand up before they can counterattack. Throwing opponents can be tricky as timing is key – if done too early or too late, it won’t work – but when done correctly it can give you just enough time to stand back up before they recover from the throw.

Map Environment Use

Finally, making use of the environment around you can also help when trying to get back up quickly from a knockdown. Many levels have items placed nearby that can be used tactically – such as crates which can be thrown at enemies – or environmental hazards which can be used against enemies. Additionally, certain level designs may make it easier for you to recover faster after being knocked down – such as levels with multiple platforms which allow more space for maneuvering around opponents or levels with obstacles which block certain attacks or provide cover from enemy attacks. By familiarizing yourself with different level designs and learning how best to use them tactically, you can ensure that getting back up quickly will become second nature during fights in Gang Beasts.

Body Position and Balance

Maintaining good body position and balance while playing Gang Beasts is essential for success. Learning how to keep your balance in midair can help you stay on top of the fight and land those crucial attacks. Knowing when to change direction is important as well, as it allows you to stay one step ahead of your opponent. Practice adjusting your body position quickly while in midair, so that you can quickly move out of harms way or set up an attack.

Characters to Choose From

Gang Beasts has a variety of characters to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Some characters excel in speed, while others focus more on strength. Deciding which character fits your fighting style best is key to becoming a successful Gang Beasts player. Popular character choices include the speedy Brawler, the powerful Bruiser, and the balanced Boxer. Each character has its own unique set of moves that can be used in battle so experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.

Understanding Contextual Animation Cancelling (CAC)

Contextual animation cancelling (CAC) is an advanced technique used by experienced players to perform fast attack combos in Gang Beasts. CAC involves cancelling one animation with another so that you can chain together multiple attacks quickly and efficiently without having to wait for the animations of each individual attack to finish before initiating another one. To get a better understanding of how CAC works, try practicing combos with counterattacks as they are easier to cancel than normal attacks. With enough practice, you will soon be able to pull off some devastatingly fast combos that will leave your opponents scrambling for cover!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are quick tips for getting up quickly in Gang Beasts?
A: Quick tips for getting up quickly in Gang Beasts include using punch combos to your advantage, throwing opponents, making use of the map environment, and using body position and balance to your advantage.

Q: What are power moves for getting up in Gang Beasts?
A: Power moves for getting up in Gang Beasts include flying slaps and headbutts.

Q: How can I make use of items placed nearby on the map to get up faster?
A: You can make use of items placed nearby on the map by using them as a platform to jump off of or as a weapon to help you knock down opponents.

Q: What is contextual animation cancelling (CAC)?
A: Contextual animation cancelling (CAC) is a feature that allows players to cancel out of animations quickly, allowing them to chain together fast attack combos with CAC or use cancels with counterattacks.

Q: What characters should I choose from when playing Gang Beasts?
A: When playing Gang Beasts, it is important to choose characters based on their speed and strength attributes. Popular character choices include The Brawler, The Wrestler, The Cowboy, The Bouncer, and The Wrestler 2.0.

In conclusion, getting up fast in Gang Beasts requires good timing and practice. You must time your button presses correctly to get up quickly and create distance between you and your opponents. Additionally, learning the controls, such as how to dodge and punch, can help you become an experienced Gang Beasts player. With patience and perseverance, you can soon become a master at getting up fast in Gang Beasts.