Destiny 2: How to Reach the Europa Location – A Step-by-Step Guide

To reach Europa in Destiny 2, travel to the Beyond Solar System on the Director screen and select “Europa” from the list of destinations.

How to get to europa destiny 2

Europa is a destination in Destiny 2 filled with secrets and mysteries that need to be uncovered. Europa is the stage for new adventures and enemies to fight, alongside familiar NPCs who have made their way hither. To get to Europa, players will first have to complete Beyond Light’s main campaign, allowing them to use the Splinter of Darkness on Earth. This will unlock a rift which will transport you to the icy realm of Europa. Once on Europa, you’ll find yourself standing in Charon’s Crossing, whereupon the journey now begins. Jumping into one of the many public events or battlegrounds scattered throughout the area will serve as a good introduction into all this planet has to offer and should point you toward mysterious destinations across this alien terrain. In addition to quests and activities that can be completed on your own or with friends, players may also find unique bounties accessible through the Warmind of Europa or from different vendors scattered around the map. We invite you embark on this journey to discover all secrets this beguiling world holds!

Basics of Europa – How to get there?

Destiny 2 Europa is a new destination and expansion in the game, and it’s the first new destination since the Beyond Light expansion. To get to Europa, you will need to purchase the Beyond Light expansion first. Once you have done this, you will be able to access Europa from the Director, in the European Dead Zone area.

When you get to Europa, you will find yourself in a new world with lots of activities and missions. You can explore different areas such as Eventide Ruins, Asterion Abyss and Cadmus Ridge. You can also look for hidden secrets or take part in public events that give rewards such as gear or resources.

What is Destiny 2 Europa? – Location & History

Europa is a frozen moon orbiting Jupiter that was once occupied by the Fallen House of Salvation before its destruction during the events of Beyond Light. The Pyramidion strike takes place here which is a mission where players must battle their way through powerful Vex forces in order to reach their ultimate goal a powerful Ahamkara located at the end of the strike.

The Empire Hunt mission on Europa sees players infiltrating Queen Mara Sovs court to uncover her secrets and prevent her plans from coming to fruition. This mission is crucial for understanding what happened during the Darkness War and why Mara Sov was interested in exploring Europas secrets in the first place.

How to Get Inside The Pyramidion Strike?

In order to access The Pyramidion strike on Destiny 2 Europa, players must first complete certain steps before they can enter it. First, they must complete all Story missions available in Beyond Light and acquire an Imperial Key from Variks on Nessus; then they must travel back to Nessus and find an Imperial Seal located near Variks ship which must be used with an Imperial Key to unlock a portal which leads directly into The Pyramidion strike area on Europa.

Once inside The Pyramidion strike area, players will have to battle their way through various Vex forces until they reach their ultimate goal – defeating a powerful Ahamkara at the end of the strike. Along their journey inside The Pyramidion strike area, players may find hidden secrets or items that are valuable for upgrading weapons or armor pieces so keep your eyes open!

What is Empire Hunt in Europa?

The Empire Hunt mission on Destiny 2 Europa sees players infiltrating Queen Mara Sovs court in order to uncover her secrets and prevent her plans from coming to fruition. This mission requires players to travel through various locations on Europa while completing objectives along their journey until they eventually reach Queen Mara Sovs court where they must face off against her loyal minions before discovering her true intentions behind exploring this frozen moon orbiting Jupiter.

Players who complete this mission will be rewarded with unique weapons and armor pieces as well as other rewards for completing objectives along their journey so make sure you take your time while exploring this fascinating location!

Specific Missions and Adventures of Europa

Europa has plenty of missions and activities for players who are looking for something different from what they have experienced before; one such activity is Deep Stone Crypt Raid which takes place inside an ancient Vex structure located within one of Saturn’s moons. Players who successfully complete this raid will be rewarded with exclusive loot such as weapons or armor pieces as well as other rewards depending on how far they manage to progress inside this challenging raid instance!

Another activity available on Destiny 2 Europas are Override missions; these are special missions that require players to go deep into Vex territories while fighting off hordes of enemies until they eventually reach their objective usually some sort of control centre or terminal which needs overridden in order for them to gain access deeper into Vex territory or acquire exclusive rewards such as weapons or armor pieces!

Necessary Equipment/Items for Exploring Europa

When it comes to exploring Europa in Destiny 2, youll need to bring along some powerful weapons and armor in order to survive the harsh environment. Exotic weapons and armor are a must for taking on the tough enemies that await you there. You should also consider bringing along Super Power Inserts & Perks, which will give your character additional abilities and advantages when facing off against your opponents.

Working with Allies in Europa

When it comes to finding allies to help you out in Europa, there are a few different options available. You can either join an existing fireteam or create one of your own, allowing you to invite other players to join your mission. The matchmaking system will also automatically matchmake players into teams of three or six depending on the activity type chosen. It’s important to note that when playing with randoms, communication is key in order for everyone to stay on the same page and achieve success.

Pros & Cons of Europas Matchmaking System

The matchmaking system can be both a blessing and a curse for those looking for help in Europa. On one hand, it allows players who might not have their own group already formed an opportunity to find like-minded individuals who are willing to help them out during their mission. On the other hand, it can be unreliable at times as not everyone who joins is necessarily experienced or even willing to cooperate with others during their mission.

Analysing Caydes Exotic Stash Drops

Caydes Exotic Stash Drops provide players with powerful rewards that can help them progress further into Europas adventure. They are often located at specific locations throughout the map and can only be opened by completing certain tasks or finding hidden items within the area. Rewards range from powerful weapons, armour pieces and even unique Super Power Inserts & Perks that can give your character an advantage over your opponents during battle. Finding these stashes is often a challenge in itself as they are usually well hidden throughout Europas landscape but with patience they can be found with ease given enough time spent scouting out their whereabouts!

FAQ & Answers

Q: How do I get to Europa in Destiny 2?
A: To get to Europa in Destiny 2, you will need to have completed the Beyond Light campaign and unlocked the Destination. From there, you can select Europa from the Director and travel there.

Q: What is Destiny 2 Europa?
A: Destiny 2 Europa is a frozen moon of Jupiter located in the Solar System. It is an icy and hostile environment, full of secrets and ancient technology from an unknown civilization. It was first introduced in the Beyond Light expansion and is now a fully explorable location.

Q: How do I get inside The Pyramidion Strike?
A: To get inside The Pyramidion Strike, you will need to complete a series of objectives within the strike. This includes navigating through multiple sections of the strike, defeating challenging enemies, and ultimately reaching the final boss – Kargen. Once Kargen is defeated, you will be able to access the rewards at the end of the strike.

Q: What is Empire Hunt in Europa?
A: Empire Hunt is a new game mode introduced with Beyond Light where players team up to take on powerful enemies called Hunters who are scattered throughout Europa. By taking out these Hunters players can unlock special rewards and progress further into Destinations story. The ultimate objective is to reach Queen’s Court mission which provides additional rewards for completing it successfully.

Q: What kind of items do I need for exploring Europa?
A: You will need a variety of items for exploring Europa such as exotic weapons and armor pieces as well as super power inserts & perks that can help you survive against powerful enemies and complete difficult challenges on your journey through this icy moon. Make sure to equip yourself with these items if you wish to explore all that Europa has to offer!

In conclusion, getting to Europa in Destiny 2 is a challenging and rewarding journey. It requires dedication and commitment to complete all of the steps necessary to reach the destination. Players must first complete all the missions in the Warmind, Curse of Osiris, and Black Armory expansions before they can access Europa. Once they have completed these expansions, they can then complete the Beyond Light campaign and unlock Europa as a playable destination. With patience and dedication, anyone can get to Europa in Destiny 2.