3 Pro Tips to Dominate with Honors Malzahar in League of Legends

To obtain three Honorable Malzahar skins, you must purchase the Hextech chest and open it to receive shards used to craft Honor tokens which can then be redeemed for the skin.

How to get three honors malzahar

Getting three honors with Malzahar is an achievable goal you can look forward to! This guide will walk you through how to obtain them as quickly and efficiently as possible. To start, Malzahar is a powerful mage champion with immense area of effect damage, crowd control capabilities and strong ultimate. In order to earn three honors fast and efficiently, you should focus on meleeing minions for gold, taking objectives such as turrets or drakes, and being conscious in teamfights.

Minions offer gold when slain that can be used towards items. Attempt to get the first blood gold bonus whenever an enemy champion is close enough to slay the nearby lanes minions quickly. Additionally, try providing vision for your teammates by warding key points in the map; vision allows your team to play more aggressive and plan attacks rather than play passively.

Taking objectives such as turrets and drakes offers greater rewards in terms of gold and honorable kills that are important for gaining honors quickly. Attacking turrets will provide bonus gold for your team as well as plaque points which can be used for new upgrades on items! Destroying enemy drakes or baron offers even greater rewards but require a proper setup beforehand with there being high risk of death if done incorrectly.

Finally it’s important you pay close attention to team fights in order to rise up the leader boards fast. Your ultimate is perfect for initiating or repositioning during chaotic fights so use it whenever relevant! Chance on picks into enemy backlines with Malzahar’s silenced combo; you’ll be able to quickly take down squishy targets if they’re ill positioned. If done correctly, these team fights will offer many honorable kills which are essential when trying to get three honors fast!

Choosing the Right Server

When playing Malzahar, it is important to choose the right server. There are two main types of servers available: official Malzahar servers and unofficial Malzahar servers. Official Malzahar servers are hosted and maintained by the developers of the game. These servers have been tested for optimum performance and provide a high-quality gaming experience. Unofficial Malzahar servers are not maintained by the developers but rather by third-party players who have set up their own dedicated server. These often provide a unique gaming experience with modified rules and more competitive gameplay than official servers.

Benefits of Honors Malzahar

Honors Malzahar is an exclusive rewards system in the game that allows players to obtain unique items, special abilities, and additional content. The rewards system is tiered, with three levels: bronze, silver, and gold. Each tier provides different benefits such as increased PvP combat rewards, access to rare resources, and exclusive content such as skins, emotes, and mounts.

Obtaining Honors Malzahar Points

In order to progress through the tiers of the Honors system and unlock its benefits, players must accumulate points. Points can be obtained by repeating missions and quests in-game or through purchasing points from other players using real money or in-game currency.

Unlocking the Honors System

Once enough points have been accumulated, players can then activate the Honors ingame shop which allows them to purchase items with their points. Additionally, Marks of Honor can be collected for completing daily quests or participating in certain activities which will also allow players to progress through the tiers of the honors system faster.

Utilizing Trading and Crafting Systems

In addition to gaining points through completing missions or buying them from other players, trading and crafting systems are also available in-game which allow players to gain extra points for their honors account. Players can research other players item listings on trading sites such as TradeMogul or craft their own items with materials found while playing in order to gain additional points for their honors account as well as sell these items on trading sites for extra money or honor marks if desired. Crafting systems also provide an opportunity for players to market items they create which could net them even more points if successful!

Using the Auction House System Wisely

Gaining Three Honors Malzahar is a difficult task, but with the right strategies, it is possible. Using the Auction House system wisely is one of the most effective ways to acquire this rare item. Setting up bids strategically is key to winning the auction for a discounted rate. Researching recent auctions and bidding accordingly can help reduce costs and increase chances of success.

Another important strategy in using an auction house is understanding group dynamics. Finding accomplices through live chat and forums can be beneficial in reaching goals quickly and efficiently. Exploiting grouping strategies will allow for better chance at acquiring Three Honors Malzahar at a lower price than usual.

Identifying Best Weaponry and Armour Sets for PvP Combat

Once the Three Honors Malzahar has been acquired, its important to understand what armor and weaponry best suits PvP combat. Identifying enemy weaknesses will give an edge in battle as well as upgrading items with precious gems and materials to increase attack power and defense capabilities. Knowing which items work best together can give an advantage when entering combat situations with elite opponents.

Communicating with Guilds for Optional Quests and Events

Lastly, joining a guild can have many benefits when it comes to obtaining Three Honors Malzahar or participating in optional quests or events. Connecting with premium guilds gives access to specialty resources as well as cheat distribution events that are exclusive to members only. Networking with other players can lead to increased rewards from quests or even special discounts on rare items that may not be available on auction houses or in-game shops.

Overall, acquiring Three Honors Malzahar isnt easy but its definitely possible with dedication and understanding of game mechanics such as using the auction house system wisely, exploiting grouping strategies, identifying best weapon sets for PvP combat, and communicating with guilds for optional quests or events. With these strategies, players will be able to acquire this rare item more easily and confidently take part in PvP combat situations knowing they have the best weapons at their disposal.

FAQ & Answers

Q: How do I get Honors Malzahar?
A: You can obtain Honors Malzahar by repeating missions and quests, purchasing points from other players, activating the Honors Ingame Shop, collecting Marks of Honor for quests and activities, researching other players item listings, marketing items to gain points, setting up bids strategically in the Auction House system, finding accomplices through live chat and forums, exploiting grouping strategies to reach goals more easily, using weaknesses against enemy targets in PvP combat, upgrading items with precious gems and materials, joining guilds for cheat distribution events and networking with premium guilds for specialty access.

Q: What are the benefits of Honors Malzahar?
A: The benefits of Honors Malzahar include PvP combat benefits such as using weaknesses against enemy targets and resource acquisition benefits such as accessing speciality items through premium guilds.

Q: What servers should I choose to get Honors Malzahar?
A: You can choose between official Malzahar Servers or unofficial Malzahar Servers when looking to obtain Honors Malzahar.

Q: Is it possible to save money with the Auction House System?
A: Yes! You can save money with the Auction House System by setting up your bids strategically and getting auctioned items for a discounted rate.

Q: What is the best way to identify weaponery and armour sets for PvP combat?
A: The best way to identify weaponery and armour sets for PvP combat is by using weaknesses against enemy targets and upgrading items with precious gems and materials.

The best way to get three honors Malzahar is to play League of Legends on a regular basis, complete in-game missions, and participate in Ranked matches. Doing so will help you increase your rank in the game and earn enough points to purchase a Malzahar with three honors. Additionally, you should also focus on improving your skills as a player to make sure you are able to maximize the potential of the champion. With enough practice and dedication, it is possible for anyone to obtain three honors Malzahar.