The Best Penny Builds For Winning Every Brawl Stars Battle!

The best penny build in Brawl Stars is to use Bandit, Bull, or Mr.P with a focus on attack damage, health, and movement speed.

best penny build brawl stars

Best Penny Build Brawl Stars is a customizable character build choice for the popular online game, Brawl Stars. With this build you are able to take your gaming experience to the next level, providing you with an optimal character loadout and incredible skill set to best take down your opponents. The Best Penny Build covers every aspect of the character selection, from customization options and available tuning changes to recommended strategies and statistics. With this build, you have everything you need to be ready for any challenge that awaits you in Brawl Stars!

Best Penny Build for Brawl Stars

Penny has been a popular brawler since she was released in April of 2020. She is a powerful ranged attacker with an impressive arsenal of abilities. Her Super Attack, The Big One, is capable of dealing out tremendous amounts of damage over a wide area. Her Star Power, Explosive Minefield, makes her even more dangerous by adding even more damage to her Super Attack. With the right upgrades and perks, Penny can be an invaluable part of any team composition. In this article, we will discuss the best penny build for Brawl Stars and how to maximize her potential in the game.

Optimal Weapon Upgrades

Penny’s primary weapon is her Gatling gun which has two upgrade options; “Rapid Fire” and “Burst Fire”. The Rapid Fire upgrade increases her fire rate while the Burst Fire upgrade increases her damage per shot. Both upgrades are useful in different scenarios and should be chosen depending on the situation. In most cases, it is best to choose the Rapid Fire upgrade as it allows Penny to unleash a barrage of bullets quickly while still dealing respectable damage.

Recommended Perks

In addition to weapon upgrades, there are also several perks that can greatly improve Penny’s effectiveness on the battlefield. Some of the most useful perks include “Damage Boost,” “Attack Speed Boost,” and “Range Boost.” Damage Boost increases the amount of damage per shot that Penny deals while Attack Speed Boost increases her fire rate even further. Range Boost increases the distance at which she can hit enemies with her bullets. These perks can drastically improve Penny’s damage output and allow her to take down enemies from a safe distance with ease.

Strategies for Taking Advantage of Penny’s Abilities

Once you have equipped your preferred weapon upgrades and perks, it’s time to start taking advantage of Penny’s abilities in-game. To make the most out of her kit, it is important to understand how she moves around the map and use this knowledge to your advantage when positioning yourself for battle or engaging enemies directly.

When engaging enemy brawlers directly, it is important to stay out of range from their attacks while still being able to hit them with your own bullets. This can be done by using cover or taking advantage of terrain features such as walls or obstructions that will hide you from enemy fire while allowing you to hit them with your own shots from afar. Additionally, staying close enough to them will prevent them from escaping but far enough away that they cannot hit you back effectively with their own attacks.

When positioning yourself for battle, try and stay away from choke points or areas where multiple enemies could gang up on you at once as this could spell certain death for Penny if she gets caught in a crossfire without any cover or escape routes available nearby.

Maximizing Her Damage Output

In order to maximize your damage output with Penny, it is important to understand how her Super Attack works and when would be best used in different scenarios during battle:

Her Super Attack is capable of dealing out tremendous amounts of damage over a wide area which makes it ideal for taking out large groups or clumped up enemies quickly before they have time to disperse or retaliate effectively against you. Additionally, using her Super Attack at close range can also be effective as the explosion radius will be larger than if used from afar due to its increased size when used at close range compared to at long range distances away from its target(s). Lastly, utilizing cover when using your Super Attack will ensure you don’t take any unnecessary damage from returning fire due its large blast radius that will affect anyone nearby regardless if they’re friend or foe alike so be mindful when using this ability!

Team Composition With Penny

When choosing teammates for a team composition with Penny it is important to consider what roles each brawler excels at so they can complement each other harmoniously on the battlefield:

For tanks/damage class brawlers like Bull or El Primo are great choices as they are heavily armored which gives them great survivability on top of their already impressive offensive capabilities which allows them take some heat off from you while dealing out massive amounts of their own damage simultaneously against enemy teams; these type brawlers also have great crowd control capabilities which again helps keep attention away from yourself while allowing your team mates (especially healers/support classes) do their job without getting targeted too much themselves!

For healers/support classes like Poco or Pam are great choices as their healing abilities not only help keep your team alive but also allow them stay on top form throughout battles due their regenerative capabilities; these type brawlers also have great crowd control capabilities which again helps keep attention away from yourself while allowing your team mates (especially tanks) do their job without getting interrupted too much themselves!

Positioning support players like Nita are also valuable assets as they provide vision/map awareness so that everyone knows where enemies might be coming from; these type brawlers are usually fast paced ones that don’t require much attention when controlled properly since their main purpose isn’t necessarily winning battles but rather providing intel about enemy movements/locations so that everyone else has an easier time doing what needs doing!

Choosing The Right Brawlers For Synergy With Penny

When choosing teammates for synergy with Penny there are specific types that work better than others: Heavily armored ranged attackers such as Bull or El Primo make excellent choices due their defensive capabilities combined with powerful offensive attacks which make them perfect distractions against larger groups of enemies since they absorb most incoming attacks while dishing out large amounts themselves these kind brawlers also provide invaluable protection against flankers who would otherwise try sneak up behind unsuspecting players (such yours truly!)

Super attack healers/damage soakers like Poco or Pam are valuable assets since not only do they provide healing support but they also absorb incoming attacks (especially supers) which makes them incredibly useful during tough battles; these type brawlers also come equipped with defensive abilities such wall-making abilities which provides valuable protection against frontal assaults these kind brawlers should always be protected since they’re essential pieces during heated battles!

Tips And Tricks To Master Playing With Or Against Penny

Now that we’ve discussed how best utilize penny in battle let’s go over some tips & tricks on how master playing both with & against penny: Effective use of supers When playing as penny try & use super attacks wisely by aiming towards clumped up groups & staying close enough so targets won’t escape blast radius before exploding; try staying out sight until moment comes strike then surprise opponents & take advantage situation – This same tactic applies when fighting against penny too except instead trying dodge super attack use walls/obstructions protect oneself instead (if available). Getting around range limitations One limitation penny has low range compared other ranged attackers so try stay within medium range where possible; this means keeping distance between herself & opponents not too short nor too long finding balance between two extremes key success here!


FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the best weapon upgrade for Penny?
A: The optimal weapon upgrades for Penny depend on the situation. Generally, you want to focus on upgrading her attack range and damage. Her Super should also be upgraded to increase its effectiveness.

Q: What perks are recommended for Penny?
A: Some of the recommended perks for Penny include increased health, increased damage, and improved reload speed. Additionally, perks that enhance her Super can be beneficial in certain situations.

Q: What strategies can I use to take advantage of Pennys abilities?
A: Strategies for taking advantage of Pennys abilities include positioning her in a way that maximizes her damage output, using her Super effectively, and utilizing her movement speed. You should also consider how your team composition can support her playstyle.

Q: What brawlers synergize well with Penny?
A: Brawlers that work well with Penny include heavily armored ranged attackers and Super attack healers/damage soakers. Characters like Pam, Brock, and Bull can help protect Penny from close-range attacks while she deals out damage from a distance.

Q: What tips can I use to master playing with or against Penny?
A: Tips for mastering playing with or against Penny include understanding how to effectively use her Super attacks, anticipating enemy patterns to minimize damage taken, and getting around her range limitations by using splash attackers. It is important to remember that penny can be a powerful opponent if used correctly!

The best penny build for Brawl Stars is largely dependent on the type of game mode being played, as well as the individual players preference. Generally, the best penny build for Brawl Stars involves using a combination of Brawlers that have a good mix of offensive and defensive capabilities, have strong area-of-effect attacks, and have high health pools. Additionally, choosing Brawlers that fit into the team composition can be an important factor in determining the best penny build. Ultimately, each player should choose their own penny build based on their play style and the objectives of the game mode being played.