How to Smite Your Enemies with Anti-Heal Items in Smite

Smite is not effective on anti-heal items.

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Anti-heal items in Smite are special items that reduce enemy healers’ ability to heal themselves or their teammates. These items are designed to help secured a team’s victory in a one-sided match, or counter an opponent’s powerful healing effects. Anti-heal items can range from direct damage debuffs, heal absorption, and reduced healing from healers. The effects of these powerful and often costly items vary depending on the situation and the hero selected by the user. While some items may offer unique strategic options, others can backfire when not used properly. Ultimately, anti-heal items offer an alternate form of counterplay that must be considered during any Smite match.

Anti Heal Items in Smite

Smite is an online multiplayer battle arena game where players take on the role of mythological gods and battle it out for supremacy. Players use a variety of items, abilities, and strategies to gain an edge over their opponents. One of the more popular strategies is using anti heal items to counter enemy healers. Anti heal items reduce or negate the healing effects applied by enemy healers, allowing players to focus their attention on other objectives.

Item Builds

There are a variety of anti-heal item builds that can be used in Smite. The most common builds are damage-based builds that focus on dealing damage with physical attacks, magical attacks, or both. Damage-based builds typically include items like Asi, Hydra’s Lament, Brawler’s Beat Stick, or Winged Blade; these items increase a player’s damage output and reduce healing effects from enemy healers.

Recommended Uses

Anti-heal item builds can be used in a variety of ways in Smite. For instance, they can be used to quickly burst down an enemy healer before they have a chance to heal themselves or allies; this allows players to keep a consistent pressure on the enemy team and prevent them from regaining their footing during extended team fights. Anti-heal item builds can also be used to counter specific gods that rely heavily on healing abilities such as Aphrodite or Hel; these gods can be rendered ineffective if they are unable to sustain themselves or their allies with consistent heals.

Defensive Strategies

Using anti-heal item builds is only half of the equation when it comes to countering enemy healers in Smite; defensive strategies must also be employed in order to effectively deal with them. One such defensive strategy is using neutrals to block heals; neutral camps such as Fire Giant and Gold Fury provide powerful defensive buffs which can help protect players from enemy heals. Additionally, crowd control abilities such as stuns and roots can be used to prevent enemies from escaping into safety while they are being healed by their teammates.

Attack Strategies

In addition to defensive strategies, players must also employ attack strategies when dealing with enemy healers in Smite. Attack strategies should revolve around initiating battles quickly and efficiently; this will allow players to create openings where they can burst down an enemy healer without giving them time to react or escape into safety. Additionally, attack strategies should focus on targeting priority targets such as support gods first before moving onto other targets; this will limit the amount of heals that are available for enemies during team fights and make it easier for players to burst down key targets quickly and efficiently.

Ideal Mages To Counter Healers

When facing off against enemy healers in Smite, mages are often the most effective tools at hand for countering them. Mages such as Agni, Janus, Ra, Chronos, and Poseidon all possess powerful crowd control abilities which can help stop enemies from healing themselves or allies during team fights while also dealing considerable amounts of damage at the same time. These mages also possess powerful combos which allow them great freedom when creating openings for attacking enemy healers; Agni’s ultimate ability Fire Blast is particularly effective at catching out unsuspecting enemies while Janus’ ultimate ability Portal Strike allows him access anywhere on the battlefield regardless of obstructions from walls or obstacles.

Developing Team Strategy Against Neo Healers In Smite

When playing against Neo Healers in Smite it is important for teams to develop a strategy that takes into account all aspects of countering them effectively including communication between teammates and adjustments mid-game based upon how each individual match plays out.. Teams should focus on communication between each other during team fights so that every player knows what role they need to play within each encounter so that all members can work together towards a common goal – defeating Neo Healers quickly and efficiently.. Additionally teams should take into account any buffs/debuffs being cast by Neo Healers so that they can adjust accordingly – whether its focusing fire onto one particular target who has been buffed/debuffed ,or simply spreading out so certain abilities have less impact throughout the team fight .

Frontliners Role – High Risk-High Reward Tactics

In Smite, tanks play an important role in providing frontline support for the team. They are often at high risk of taking damage while also providing a high reward for the team if they are able to successfully protect their allies. One way to maximize their effectiveness is by using anti-heal items. These items are designed to disrupt an enemy healer’s ability to restore health and mana, making it more difficult for them to keep their teammates topped up and ready for the fight.

When using anti-heal items, tanks should focus on harassing weak opponents and burning through their mana or health pots. This will make it more difficult for them to heal themselves or their allies, allowing your team to gain a significant advantage in the fight. Additionally, tanks should utilize crowd control (CC) abilities even when an opponent is at full health. The goal here is to maximize crowd control potential by using knockbacks or pulls that can be used to create openings or disrupt an enemys positioning.

Use Debuff Items To Disable Neo Heals In Smite

Debuff items can also be used as anti-heal items in Smite. These items are designed to apply status effects such as root or silence that will prevent enemies from healing themselves or their allies. When using debuff items, tanks should focus on applying the effects on enemies who are currently healing so that they can prevent them from restoring health and mana. Additionally, debuff items can be used on enemy gods who have already been weakened by CC abilities so that they cannot be healed back up before being killed off.

Overall, anti-heal items provide a great way for tanks to maximize their effectiveness in Smite by disrupting enemy healers and preventing them from restoring health and mana for their teammates. By proactively targeting weak opponents with harassments and CC abilities while utilizing debuff items, tanks can put pressure on healers and give their team a major advantage in fights!


In conclusion, anti-heal items such as Smite can be a very useful tool for players to use in order to gain an advantage over their opponents. While it may be difficult to use in certain situations, it can be very effective in certain scenarios and when used correctly, it can provide a significant advantage to the user. It is important for players to understand how anti-heal items such as Smite work and how they can be used most effectively if they want to gain the upper hand in their competitive matches.