How to Get Your Sister Expelled from AITA: An Essential Guide

FAQ & Answers

Q: What did the Original Poster (OP) do to get their sister expelled?
A: The specifics of the OP’s actions that resulted in their sister’s expulsion are not known. However, it is likely they violated a school policy and/or code of conduct in some way, resulting in their sister’s expulsion.

Q: What was the OP’s initial reaction upon learning of their sister’s expulsion?
A: Upon first learning of their sister’s expulsion, the OP likely experienced a range of emotions including shock, guilt, and possibly even anger. It is possible that they processed these emotions differently depending on their relationship with their sister and how much responsibility they felt for her expulsion.

Q: How did others view this situation and what kind of comments were made?
A: Depending on the circumstances surrounding this situation, reactions from those in the OP’s community may vary. Some may sympathize with them and offer support while others may blame them for their role in getting their sister expelled. Comments made by peers or family will depend on those individual opinions as well as any information known about what happened.

Q: Was any disciplinary action taken against the OP?
A: The disciplinary action taken by the school against the OP for getting their sister expelled will depend on what happened leading up to her expulsion and any policies or codes of conduct that were broken. It is possible that there will be some form of punishment such as suspension or probation, but this will need to be determined by the school itself.

Q: How can the expelled sister recover from this setback?
A: Depending on what grades she was receiving prior to being expelled and what her academic goals are, there are several ways she can attempt to recover from this setback. She can consider enrolling in an online course or take part-time classes at a local college to continue her studies while working towards her goals. Additionally, she may want to take some time off to process her emotions before attempting to move forward with academics or any other goals she has set for herself.

In conclusion, it is difficult to determine whether it is AITA (Am I The Asshole) for getting your sister expelled without knowing the full context of the situation. It could be the case that your sister was engaging in serious misconduct and deserved to be held accountable. On the other hand, it could be that you were motivated by personal grievances and acted in an overly harsh way. Ultimately, only you can decide if you were justified in your actions.